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Alexandria Pryor

Alexandria has served on the labor and delivery unit for 20 years as a certified obstetrical surgical technologist where she scrubs in and surgically assists the Obstetrician with the cesarean birth.
And five years as a certified birth and postpartum doula, where she supports mothers during vaginal birth, (natural or medicated) postpartum care, and breast/bottle feeding support.

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After taking notice of high-profile cases of maternal mortality, particularly among African American women. Alexandria found that many of these cases were in fact c-sections. And among these cases was the common narrative that the negative outcomes were preventable! That’s when Alexandria made the decision to marry the two professions and become The Surgical Doula™ - Creating a unique Doula practice that guides and supports expectant parents through the surgical birth process.

My objective as The Surgical Doula™ is to provide compassionate, professional doula support that is attuned to not only meet your needs as the maternal patient, but also as a surgical patient. With The Surgical Doula™ by your side, you get a Surgical Birth Expert™ who is a highly skilled clinician providing non-clinical doula care through education, advocacy and support while the constant goal is to help stay ahead of any potential post-surgery complications by being vigilant in use of clinical observational skills. Which can be a powerful tool in the fight against maternal mortality.

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The goal is also to ease anxieties and calm fears with my newly created course “The Empowered Surgical Birth ” This childbirth education class (C-Section Edition) is designed to bring you confidence and empowerment as you are left with the joyful reassurance that gloriously beautiful births also happen in the operating room.

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· Walden University – Currently Studying Public Health, Maternal Child Health

· Academy of Birth Educators – Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth & Postpartum Doula

· ProDoula - Certified Birth & Postpartum/Infant Care Doula

· ProDoula – Infant Feeding Specialist (Breast & Bottle Feeding)

· Newborn Care Solutions – Newborn Care Specialist

· Happiest Baby on The Block – Infant Soothing and Sleep with Dr. Harvey Karp

To learn more about support from the Surgical Doula, register to schedule your free consultation today!

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