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After experiencing a few complications during pregnancy, my wife and I were informed that a c-section would be a safer option for us. I must admit, I became very nervous about my wife needing to have a C-Section. Especially after hearing about cases of maternal mortality among African American women. Our Obstetrician referred us to Alexandria – The Surgical Doula™ What can I say? This woman knows her stuff! And because of her clinical experience in the O.R. setting, she knew what and how to observe as she guided us through the entire process which put us at ease
and helped to make our birth experience joyful! Alexandria – The Surgical Doula™ was highly professional, patiently informative and a fierce advocate for us. If you are having a scheduled C-Section and still want to experience having an amazing Birth Doula, we highly recommend Alexandria - The Surgical Doula™

Christopher & Jessica Harris

Not in a million years did I ever imagine that I’d be having a c-section. I’d prepared and taken classes for natural childbirth as this is what I’ve always wanted. However, as I progressed in my pregnancy, my baby moved into breech position. I tried everything and I mean everything to get my baby to move. But by this time, I was 37 weeks and my baby still had not moved. My midwife said it was time to start talking about the possibility of a c-section and I cried for hours as I grieved the birth experience that I’d always wanted. When I went into the Ob/Gyn’s office, there were brochures on the table that read The Surgical Doula™ - Complete C-Section Maternity Care. After speaking with Alexandria, I knew right away that this was the doula that I needed. She was a Godsend! I mean truly an answer to my prayers as she helped me to emotionally come to terms with and prepare for what was about to be my new birth experience. With Alexandria’s support, I was able to experience in the O.R. many of the things that I would have experienced during natural childbirth. (i.e. creating a birth plan, skin-to-skin, breastfeeding etc.) My overall birth experience was far better than I expected it to be and that was largely because of support from Alexandria – The Surgical Doula™ I highly recommend Alexandria and her service.

Monica Stith

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