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Pregnant belly

Professional Surgical Birth Doula Support

In Hospital

Congratulations! You’re having a Baby!


As your Surgical Birth Doula, I’ll provide

  • Virtual pre-natal education class (C-section Edition) & assistance with creating your c-section birth plan. (Covid-19 Hospital policies)

  • Emotional and educational support during pre-surgery prep.

  • In Operating Room Support – Providing comfort during spinal administration, skin-to-skin, In O.R. breastfeeding and if needed, I’ll be your support person that stays next to you throughout the entire surgery.

  • Recovery Room – Vigilant use of clinical observational skills

  • Postpartum Support – Confirming your comfort and safety.

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Alexandria Is passionately dedicated to your safety, comfort and wellbeing and committed to helping you have a gloriously beautiful birth experience by guiding you throughout the entire process.

The Surgical Doula™ Your Complete C-Section Maternity Care


To learn more about support from The Surgical Doula ™ Schedule your free consultation today

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